Healthy Spine and Straight Posture v2.7 [Full] APK

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Healthy Spine and Straight Posture

Healthy Spine and Straight Posture

As it is said, “Human is as young and healthy as flexible his spine.” Nowadays, the problem of back pains, neck pain and back stiffness, lack of flexibility, and stooped posture are very common.

Healthy spine and flexible back – is very important. Let’s do a simple experiment. Try to stand up straight and not bending the knees and touch with your palms to the floor. Lumbar spine health is characterized by its flexibility, so the pre-take care of your health, make your back muscles strong and take care of posture correction. Moreover, if you have bad posture, back pain – it’s very important, and this app will help you a lot!

In addition, a permanent job in the office and at the computer has very negative impact on our posture, and hence there is a slouch, back pain and lower back (as a result – the lack of energy and general malaise, headache). Therefore, straight posture and a healthy back flexibility stretches is inextricably linked to each other.

The app contains 40 exercises for the back workout at home for all muscle groups of back, shoulders, lower back, loin and neck, in order to Keep spine flexible, do perfect neck workout and for Stretching your back. All back exercises have video, audio instructions, and a detailed description of their implementation.
You can either do exercises on your own, or work on the already developed programs of back training for the smooth and confident cervical spine pain exercise and back flexibility.

App features:

40 different types of back exercises – neck exercises, spine exercises, loin;
Time tested programs based on yoga for spine principles – make a great back workout at home at any time;
Detailed video, audio and text instructions for every exercise;
Develop your own back training programs for spine health. Create your own programs and workouts for stretches the spine and better posture;
Set reminders and notifications – now you will never forget to do spine workout and yoga for neck pain;
System of statistics for tracking your results;
System of motivation and maintaining regular exercises – be sure of your flexible back progress.

This app is developed for all age groups, since exercises are divided by difficulty and are suitable for both men, women, children, and elderly people. Back posture exercises are important and necessary for everyone.

The purpose of this application is to create a stable habit of regular exercises to strengthen the back muscles at home, make neck muscles strong and regularly do posture correction exercise. Finally, try to do back and loins exercises for at least a week, and you will see the difference and straight posture will become a part of you.

Good luck!

What’s New

Updated descriptions of all exercises
Significantly improved design and interface
Optimized application speed and bug fixes

The full version is activated: click on the lock and restart the application, or in the menu in the curtain at the very bottom click on “Get the full version”


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  • Healthy Spine and Straight Posture Screenshot


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