Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 7 APK [Latest]

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Omni Notes

Omni Notes

Open-source note taking application, designed to be lightweight and simple without giving up smart behavior.

Your help in translating the app is welcome. Send me an e-mail If you want to lend a hand !

Current features:
☆ Material Design interface
☆ Basic add, modify, archive, trash and delete notes actions
☆ Share, merge and search notes
☆ Image, audio and generic file attachments
☆ Manage your notes using tags and categories
☆ To-do list
☆ Sketch-note mode
☆ Notes shortcut on home screen
☆ Export/import notes to backup
☆ Google Now integration: just tell “write a note” followed by the content
☆ Multiple widgets, DashClock extension, Android 4.2 lockscreen compatibility
☆ Multilanguage: 30 languages supported:


6.0.0 Beta
★ New backup mode using JSON BREAKING compatibility with old backups
★ Included SDK 27 fixed and improvements
★ Added finnish translation
☆ Translations update
☆ Much faster images loading
☆ Easily recognizable shortcut widget
✓ Broken share-with-ON when receiving images
✓ Reloaded notes after password reset displaying an explicit message
✓ Ignored case when sorting notes
✓ Faulty backups on Android Pie
✓ Broken notifications on Android Oreo and following


  • Omni Notes Screenshot
  • Omni Notes Screenshot


Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 7 APK [5.8 MB] / Mirror / Mirror

Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 5 APK [5.8 MB] / Mirror / Mirror

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